2.4 Feature/Change


  1. Feature to upload the batches after browsing the images (tiff, tif and pdf files) from the client machine.
  2. New tab “Upload Batch” is added next to Web Scanner.
  3. User can associate batch class fields per batch class, if configured.
  4. User has to put the batch class field (if defined for the selected batch class), before the batch is sent for processing.


  1. {ephesoft-home}\WEB-INF\classes\META-INF\application.properties
    Property to show/hide the “Upload Batch” tab added next to Web Scanner tab.
    Default value: true
    batch.upload_batch_folder=upload-batch-folder (folder will automatically be created by Ephesoft application)
    Property that specifies the name of the folder in which the batches are copied temporarily before being sent for processing.


  1. If user uploads different images with the same name, for same batch, then latest image overrides the contents of previous image.
  2. When user presses “Start Batch” button, the batch folder is moved from the upload-batch-folder to unc-folder.