Batches are still in the ready state along with quite a few other Batches. It seems like the ready queue is growing.


Ready ones are just in the queue because the Server(s) are busy processing other batches.

If you want to make sure batches in the READY state are processed first you can do one of the following:

1. We can change the NEW to REMOTE in batch instance so that as soon as one of the servers finishes one of the RUNNING batches, it will pickup from the READY.

2. You can modify the Priority of the batch instance.

To do any of these you will have to edit the batch_instance table.

You will need to change the batch_status column or the batch_priority.


If the batch status is NEW or READY, pickup service picks it up and turns into RUNNING. When you are in the Batch Instance Management, you are essentially looking at this table, batch_instance.

Sample SQL Statements:

UPDATE `batch_instance` SET `batch_status`=’REMOTE’ WHERE `identifier`=BI2;

UPDATE `batch_instance` SET `batch_priority`=50 WHERE `identifier`=BI2;