Issue: Cannot Connect to Ephesoft Using a Named Instance of Microsoft SQL Express

Affected versions: 4.x


When installing and configuring an instance of Ephesoft Transact and using a free copy of SQL Express, you may notice that you can connect via SQL Management Studio using the naming convention of SERVERNAME\SQLEXPRESS. And using the configuration in the installer does not throw an error and lets you complete the setup. However, when you try to start up your new version of Ephesoft, you receive an error.

This issue has been tested and replicated with version 4.5. As a workaround, confirm you can also connect to SQL Management Studio just using the SERVERNAME (remove the \SQLEXPRESS). You should be able to connect just with the server name. If that authenticates and logs on to SQL Management Studio successfully, you can just modify the server.xml (found in \Ephesoft\JavaAppServer\conf) to use the same configuration for the Ephesoft, Report, and Report_archive databases.

You should then be able to login and use Ephesoft as expected.