Issue: After Changing an Ephesoft script for a Batch Class, running a new Batch Instance on that Batch Class still shows the same output results as the previous script. Restarting the Ephesoft Transact Service has no effect

Affected Versions: Ephesoft 4.x


Ephesoft users may see issues with a custom script modification to a Batch Class not updating and outputting the expected modification results when running a new Batch Instance through. Restarting Ephesoft after making a script change should not be necessary, however, even restarting the Ephesoft Transact service has no effect.


This is a known issue that may be seen with Ephesoft. If you are seeing the issue, try the following workaround:

  • Navigate to the \Ephesoft\JavaAppServer\temp directory
  • Delete the DynamicCodeCompiler folder found in the \Ephesoft\JavaAppServer\temp directory.


Deletion of this DynamicCodeCompiler folder should resolve the issue while we work on a permanent solution.