A significant amount of execution data and the backup XML files in the report-data folder get accumulated over a period of time. This piling up of data may hamper the overall application performance in the long run. The clean-up ETL script is responsible for cleaning up the batch execution data from the database and backup xml folder for the batch instance in the report-data folder. The clean-up is performed only for the batches which are in FINISHED state and for which each (DASHBOARD, STANDARD, ADVANCED) type of reporting has been performed.


The script is executed in the form a cron job governed by a cron expression named in the Ephesoft\Application\WEB-INF\classes\META-INF\dcma-reporting\ file. The default cron expression for the execution of clean-up job is set to 0 0 0/12 ? * * which means that the cleanup operation will be performed every 12th hour.

Cleaned Up Components

The Clean-up ETL script removes the following relevant information for the batch instance-

  • ACT_HI_ACTINST table
  • ACT_HI_VARINST table
  • Folder for batch instance backup XMLs in report-data folder

Batch Instance Cleanup

This query removes all the FINISHED batch instance records from the database for which reporting has been completed.

Following are the steps to be followed-

  1. Stop Ephesoft server
  2. Take a backup of the Ephesoft database.
  3. Execute the following SQL query

(For MYSQL\MariaDB and MSSQL)

Delete from batch_instance where last_modified< (select min(last_execution_at) from [REPORT_DB_NAME].last_execution where job in (‘DASHBOARD’,’STANDARD’,’ADVANCED’)) and batch_status=’FINISHED’

4. Restart Ephesoft Server