This plug-in is used to delete system files and UNC folder data once all the processing on the batch is complete. This plugin also removes all the content associated with a particular batch instance and associated batch content is also removed.

Steps of execution

  • This plug-in ideally works after the export phase of the application when all the processing on the batch has been done and desired results have been exported.
  • The plug-in takes the identifier of a batch instance and removes all the contents and it’s sub-files from the following paths:
  • <LOCAL_FOLDER_PATH>\<BATCH_INSTANCE_IDENTIFIER>: This folder is deleted only if plugin configuration “Delete System Folder Information” is “TRUE”.
  • Also deletes “<BATCH_INSTANCE_IDENTIFIER>.ser” file from the <LOCAL_FOLDER_PATH> \properties folder. This file is deleted only if plugin configuration “Delete System Folder Information” = TRUE.


Configuration screenshot




Configurable Properties

Following are the list of configurable properties for the plugin:


[table caption=”” width=”800″ colwidth=”50|200|200|200″ colalign=”center|center|center|left”]
Configurable property,Type of value,Value options,Description
Delete System Folder Information,List of values,TRUE(Default)~~FALSE, Defines whether or not the ‘(Local folder)\(Batch instance)’ folder and its contents are to be deleted or not.




  • The plugin depends on “IMPORT BATCH FOLDER” as it considers a batch to be imported first before its associated files are cleaned up.
  • This plugin should ideally occur in the workflow only once and should be the last plugin for the workflow. If not, then it will remove the resources to be used by the other which run after it and hence will cause the batches to go into error.
  • The plugin assumes the extraction for the incoming batch has been done properly and just changes the results of provided batch.xml in a desired format.


Following are few common error messages seen due to mal-functioning of the plugin:


[table caption=”” width=”800″ colwidth=”50|200|200|200″ colalign=”center|center|left|left”]
S. No.,Error message,Possible root cause
1,Unable to delete Folder,Folder could not be deleted. Due to one of the following reasons:~~It is locked by some other process~~It is opened by user on explorer
2,Not enough permission to delete folder,Security exception occurred. The user/process/JVM does not have sufficient rights to delete the folder to be cleaned.