Note: When uploading with NUXEO, the Aspects switch, in the CMIS plugin batch class configuration, on the Admin UI needs to be OFF.

Creation of custom document types: There are two ways of doing the same:

  • Deployment of .xsd files for the new custom document type.

Refer to the link:

  • However, the easier one, which provides us the UI to configure everything, and also lessens the possibility of errors in configuration, is through the NUXEO STUDIO. In STUDIO:
  • user can create new document types


  • user can create/edit/delete properties with existing/new document types


  • user can alter the existing document types


  • user can change the properties layout for a specific document type


Refer to the link:
  • user can commit all the changes by clicking commit


To reflect the committed changes made through the STUDIO onto a server, the user will have to use the NUXEO ADMIN CENTER to:

  • Link the NUXEO SERVER with NUXEO STUDIO by registering the instance of NUXIO SERVER with the studio


Refer to the link:
  • Update NUXEO SERVER with the latest NUXEO STUDIO configuration (committed configuration). This will be done by clicking the update development and configuration button under the NUXEO STUDIO tab under the UPDATE CENTER tab in the ADMIN CENTER.


Mapping document types and properties with Ephesoft document types and corresponding document level fields respectively: When creating a custom document type with NUXEO STUDIO UI, the user will have an option to specify the label and prefix for that custom document type.




The label serves as the document type that is to be mapped to in the file. Hence a valid configuration for document type in the property file is:



In the same properties file, for mapping of properties, the property name (for that custom document type) will need to be prefixed with the prefix defined for that custom document type. Hence a valid configuration for mapping DLF with properties in the property file is: Application-Checklist.State=sample:sample1 500px


Data type Mapping:

Ephesoft – STRING

Nuxeo – String

Ephesoft – INTEGER

Nuxeo – Integer

Ephesoft – FLOAT

Nuxeo – Decimal number

Ephesoft – DOUBLE

Nuxeo – Decimal number

Ephesoft – DATE

Nuxeo – Date

Ephesoft – BOOLEAN

Nuxeo – Boolean

Ephesoft – LONG

Nuxeo – Integer