List of Review/Validate Shortcut keys

These are a list of the Shortcut keys that can be used in the Review/Validate screens in Ephesoft.

You will find the shortcut menu under the More button in the Review and Validation screens. See this screenshot.

Screenshot from 2016-02-16 15-03-50

Here is the list from this drop down menu and the actions that the shortcut keys will do.

Quick Save CTRL+Q
Split CTRL+2
Zoom-in CTRL+1
Zoom-out CTRL+Shift+1
Move Cursor to next field CTRL+]
Move cursor to next error field CTRL+>
Duplicate Page CTRL+D
Fit to Page F12
Rotate Page CTRL+R
Remove Page CTRL+Delete
Focus on Document types CTRL+\
Merge document with previous one CTRL+/
Next Batch CTRL+Shift+>
Insert a row below in table CTRL+I
Insert a row above in table CTRL+Shift+I
Delete a row in table CTRL+J
Delete all rows in table CTRL+U
Traverse Table CTRL+K
Insert Data Manually CTRL+Y
Move Image Left Shift+Left arrow
Move Image Right Shift+Right Arrow
Move Image Up Shift+up arrow
Move Image Down Shift+down arrow
Next Document CTRL+M
Previous Document CTRL+Shift+M
Next Page CTRL+P/0
Previous Page CTRL+Shift+P/0
Enable / Disable Field Value Change Script CTRL+[
Update Document CTRL+Shift+C
Delete Document(s) Shift+Delete
Toggle Column Validations while manual extraction CTRL+’
Open External Application CTRL+6/7/8/9
Disable/Enable Page Jumping on Field Change CTRL+Shift+\
Focus on Fuzzy Search Box CTRL+~
Move Cursor to previous Error Field CTRL+<
Open/Close Table View CTRL+5
Zoom Lock / Unlock CTRL+L
Regex Activate/Deactivate CTRL+B
Open Document Pages CTRL+Shift+o
Close Batch CTRL+Backspace