Default Authentication Method in Ephesoft Transact

Default Authentication Method in Ephesoft Transact

This wiki article will help to understand the default authentication and authorization method in Ephesoft Transact. This is the most basic method of verifying and validating users which is controlled by an xml file called tomcat-users.xml.


How default authentication works ?

  • Tomcat maintains list of users and roles in the file called tomcat-users.xml.


  • As you can see in the above screenshot we define roles and users and assign users with specific roles.
  • Once the tomcat is started if refers tomcat-users.xml file when it encounters below resource in server.xml file

  • It stores users, roles and user-role mappings in memory and these memory locations are referred when the customer sends a request for authentication of the users.
  • Limitation with this method is we need to restart the ephesoft service or tomcat instance once a new entry is created in this file so that it can load the new data again into memory.