DCMA-BATCHES.XML File is deleted randomly in a Cluster Server Environment




Engineering provided a solution for the dcma-batches.xml files being deleted in a cluster server environment.

Please see the response:

Sample server.xml file is attached with this mail. We have added the following context in the server.xml:

Note : Before doing the below change, please stop the ephesoft service.


1)      Please add the below context path into server.xml at {Ephesoft Installation Directory}\JavaAppServer\conf\server.xml, please find the attached sample (server.xml) for the same:

Context path can also be copied from {Ephesoft Installation Directory}\JavaAppServer\conf\Catalina\localhost\dcma-batches.xml file.


Context path for dcma-batches in following format:


<Context path=”/dcma-batches” docBase=”{Ephesoft Shared Folder Path}\\SharedFolders” debug=”10″ privileged=”false”/>.     (Format for context path of dcma-batches)


Screen shot for applied context path into server.xml:



2)      Delete the dcma-batches.xml file

3)      Restart Ephesoft Service.