Document Level Field Validation (Script)



If a field is not being validated because regular expression does not comply with the value, users can override this by simply pressing CTRL+B.


But, is there a way to do that with a function key Script for the entire document?

Example: They may have 100 fields that they would like to override all fields using script. Can we do this by creating a function key script and make the tag a true?




This can be achieved via writing a function key script to set the <valid> tag of the document to true.

This is a Document level XML tag so it basically says all fields are good, skip this document.

Since this is a run time check during the Validation interface, the script needs to be executed when the user is in the Validation and the only way to do that is FunctionKey or Validation Scripting. Both of these scripts can take the Current Document ID so that script can update the correct document in the Batch XML.