Applies to 3.x versions of Ephesoft

The functionality to edit key and value overlays on the Advanced KV Extraction Screen has been added since the 3.0 version. Creating new overlays everytime is no more a restriction. User can edit an existing overlay by mouse left click and drag the mouse to extend the overlay.

The following snapshot of the Advanced KV Screen:


Once the key has been captured using the Capture Key button, the Edit Key button gets enabled. Similarly, once the value has been captured using the Capture Value button, the Edit Value button gets enabled.

Once “Edit Key” or “Edit Value” has been clicked, all the other options become disabled on the screen.

While editing overlays for key and value, only one side of the rectangle forming the overlay becomes free for editing. Hence, there are four sides (of the rectangle) that can now be edited. To edit any side, the user now needs to click closest to that side and in the area formed by the parallel lines formed by extending its adjacent sides.

The following snapshots explain a use case where a user intends to edit the right hand side of the overlay formed for the key:

The following snapshot shows a captured Key and Value pair:


To edit the Key overlay the user will click on the “Edit Key” button and the screen will appear as shown in the following snapshot:

Click the center of the page to edit the right side of the Key Overlay