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Known Issue#: EPHE-9238

Topic/Category: Email Import

Ephesoft version(s) Affected: –

Issue: When configuring Email Import in Ephesoft, if the username used to connect to your mail server does not require the fully qualified email address, Ephesoft will not allow you to save the settings. This is based on the required information for the email server. We have seen this when Microsoft Exchange is configured to allow usernames without the extension.


In the example here, the username for the email import does not contain the part of the email address and will not allow you to save your settings.(notice the red background on the text box)



In order to save the email import details, the username must have the after the username of the email address. See screenshot here:




Root Cause: Change in the validation of the field in This did not affect earlier Ephesoft versions.




  1. Test the email import settings without the your domain instead of by using the Test Email button.
  2. If this succeeds, enter the fully qualified email address in this field in order to save the settings
  3. Once the settings are saved, open the ephesoft database in HeidiSQL or your SQL client of choice (MS SQL studio, phpMyAdmin, DBeaver, MySQL)
  4. Navigate to the batch_class_email_configuration table
  5. Find the entry for the specific email import settings that you just saved, and remove the domain extension and save the row.
  6. This should start the email import on the cron schedule that is configured.

File Name Length Restriction

Use the following formula to determine the maximum file name length that Ephesoft Transact supports for email import:



The following case study provides an example of this formula in application:

  • During the import process, the file !!!mail.pdf is located in the following directory:
    • D:\Ephesoft\SharedFolders\TestBatch\39455638711700,
  • In this case, the maximum file name length is calculated to be as follows:
    • length[D:\Ephesoft\SharedFolders\TestBatch\39455638711700!!!mail.pdf] < 227


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