Ephesoft Application Fails to Load Login Page

Users of Ephesoft may see an issue with the Ephesoft home page not loading after starting the Ephesoft Transact service. The page may just continually attempt to load without an error or may throw a generic display error upon timeout.

One thing to check is to see if all the dependencies for Ephesoft have loaded as expected. One common culprit is if the Libreoffice dependency has not yet started. Check the Task Manager and from the ‘Details’ tab check and see if you have ‘soffice.bin’ and ‘soffice.exe’ in the list.

If you do not see these running during Ephesoft startup, you can start this manually by going to ‘\Ephesoft\Dependencies\libreoffice\App\libreoffice\program’ and double-clicking the ‘soffice’ application. This will manually start the required Libreoffice application.