Issue Details:

When encrypting passwords customers may see and Error message in the logs during the startup of the Ephesoft Application as below: Windows Server 2012 R2 2017-03-29 11:38:21,723 ERROR set_variables – User Defined Java Class com.ephesoft.dcma.encryption.core.EncryptorDecryptor – Decryption : Algorithm parameter is invalid Salt must be 8 bytes long

at com.sun.crypto.provider.PBES1Core.init(

at com.sun.crypto.provider.PBEWithMD5AndDESCipher.engineInit(

at javax.crypto.Cipher.implInit(

at javax.crypto.Cipher.chooseProvider(

at javax.crypto.Cipher.init(

at javax.crypto.Cipher.init(

at com.ephesoft.dcma.encryption.core.EncryptorDecryptor.startCrypting(

at com.ephesoft.dcma.encryption.core.EncryptorDecryptor.decryptString(

at com.ephesoft.dcma.encryption.core.PasswordDecryptor.getDecyrptedString(

at com.ephesoft.dcma.encryption.core.PasswordDecryptor.decrypt(

at Processor.processRow(

at org.pentaho.di.trans.steps.userdefinedjavaclass.UserDefinedJavaClass.processRow(





Please note that this ERROR message doesn’t impact the encryption functionality in any way and if configured properly then the password encrypted will work without any issues.


How to FIX:

The error that is observed is because we have not encrypted the login username as well as password in file.
In case of encryption, this is confirmed that file requires both  ephesoft.loginusername and ephesoft.loginpassword in encrypted format. Once the username is encrypted as well in file then this issue will not be observed.