Frequently Asked Questions – Password Encryption


  1. Which authentication types are supported? (Tomcat, AD, LDAP?)
    AD and LDAP support password authentication so same are supported in Ephesoft.
  2. Is encrypted passwords compatible with the server.xml?
    In server.xml, we can use plain text as well as encrypted passwords.
  3. In the ETL-Variables, does this need to have a different password encrypted?
    In, if encryption switch is set to ON then credentials need to be encrypted. These credentials can be changed to the ones that have role which has access to the Ephesoft web services.
  4. What is the purpose of the second value in the of password.encrypt?
    The purpose of password.encrypt is to encrypt all plain text password in Application including plugin configs, CMIS passwords, email config passwords on application start up.
  5. What rules are required for the encrypt suffix? Is there a minimum character limit?
    Encrypt suffix in is a value which is added to the password at the end before encrypting the plain text password. Currently there is no minimum character limit on encrypt suffix.
  6. Since we no longer use, should the values still be in there with no comment pointing users to the server.xml? Or are these values still needed for something else?
    These values are not in use in Ephesoft version and above. So, if required you can remove these property from file.