Delete document type


This feature helps in deleting an existing Document Type from the Batch Class. To delete a Document Type, select the Document Type and click the Delete button.

C:UsersaakashkumarDesktopdeleteDocumentType4.0.0.0_ deleteDocumentType_10001.jpg

Steps to delete a Document Type

  • To delete the Document Type from the Batch Class the user needs to go to the BatchClassManagement screen and open the specific Batch Class.
  • On the Batch Class detail screen, select the Document Type to be deleted and click on Delete. A confirmation pop up is displayed on the screen asking if the Document Type is to be deleted.
  • Click Ok to proceed deleting the Document.


  • The user can select multiple Document Types to be deleted simultaneously.
  • Once the Document is deleted the Document folders generated within the Batch class folder located in the Shared folders is also deleted. Folder contents of lucene-search-classification-sample and image-classification-sample relevant to the deleted document type are removed.

The mentioned folders exist at the given location

{Ephesoft_Installation_Directory}Shared FoldersBCXX