Web Scanner Configuration


The purpose of this document is to show how to configure and run Ephesoft Web Scanner for the first time on any browser. Supported browsers are Firefox, Chrome and IE.

Starting from v4.0 Ephesoft Web Scanner supports PaperStream drivers along with Twain drivers.


Configuration steps are as follows:-

  • Enter the Ephesoft Web Scanner URL in address bar:-

For e.g.: http://localhost:8080/dcma/WebScanner.html

  • Enter valid credentials in the login page and login to the application.
  • Please check ‘Do not show this again for apps from the publisher and location above’ on the security popup appearing on the screen when running the web scanner for the first time on any browser. After that, click on ‘Run’ button.
  • Select the required scanner from the select source window and start scanning.


  • UI changes: Ephesoft Web scanner UI will contain 3 panels: Thumbnail Stack Panel, Thumbnail Panel and Image Panel. First panel is collapsible panel and contains a stack of images. On collapsing the first panel, the second panel containing the thumbnails will expand.

C:UsersrajanchadhaDesktopWeb scanner 2.png

  • PaperStream Integration: Ephesoft Web scanner now supports PaperStream drivers along with the Twain drivers.
  • SSL Support: Ephesoft web scanner is now supported over SSL.
  • Delete multiple pages Feature: User can delete single or multiple images (selected using Ctrl key) at one time.
  • Insert new page Feature: User can scan and insert new page before the selected thumbnail.
  • Auto-Stop Feature: As soon as there are no pages left for scanning in the scanner, the scanner automatically stops processing and the number of scanned pages will be shown below the button panel on top of the page. The value of scanned pages will keep on updating in case of START, RESUME, DELETE, and INSERT.
  • Ability to rescan a page on Review/Validation page: User will be provided an option on Review/Validate screen to rescan selected page.
  • Ability to insert a page on Review/Validation: User will be provided an option on Review/Validate screen to insert one or more pages before the selected page.

C:UsersrajanchadhaDesktopWeb sacnnerweb4.png

  • Better user interface: User will now be able to see more thumbnails on UI at once. These thumbnails can be reordered according to the user’s choice.
  • Batch Description rename: User will be provided an option to edit the scan folder name. The batch name will be the user provided name.
  • Addition of selected Batch Class ID to the scanner folder name: The scan folder name will contain the selected batch class id, username and timestamp, by default.
  • Ability to reject documents for rescanning and deletion: Scanner profile will contain 2 additional properties governing the visibility of Rescan and Delete button on web scanner UI.

C:UsersrajanchadhaDesktopWeb sacnnerweb 5.png

  • Sorting: Sorting feature has been provided to sort the Batch class list on the basis of batch class name and batch class identifier alternatively.
  • Client side image generation: Feature has been provided to generate the JPG files to be displayed on UI at the client side. This will display colored images on the UI. A switch has been provided in the “application.properties” file in the META-INF to toggle the uploading over client-side or server-side.

# To enable client-side uploading on web scanner.


By default, uploading will be done on client-side.

  • PPM Improvement: Page per minute count has been increased significantly.


Navigation Icons for first page, last page, previous page and Last page.


  • If ‘Start’ button is not visible even after refreshing, please restart the browser.
  • If error message ‘Unable to perform action: INITIALZE on the Web Scanner Applet’ appear, please update browser’s Java plugin.

Display Image Page Number Label

In Thumb view panel, a label will be displayed for every display image. This Page Number label will be displayed just below every display image. Every label will start with “PG” and followed by the image index w.r.t images present in thumb view panel. A switch is present in “application.properties” which will govern whether counter will start from 0 or 1. Name of the switch is “page_identifier_start_from_1”. By default, value of the switch will be false i.e. image index will start from 0. If user want to start the counter from 1, then user must change the switch value from false to true.

Collapse Thumbstack Panel

Thumbstack panel is the left-most panel of the web scanner web page. To collapse the thumbstack panel, a switch is provided in “application.properties”. Name of the switch is “thumbStackPanelCollapseStatus” and its default value is “false” i.e. by default Thumbstack panel is not collapse. To collapse thumbstack panel user need to change property value to “true”.

Forward-Backward Page Navigation shortcut

In order to move between the pages in Thumb view panel shortcuts are provided. For forward navigation shortcut is “ctrl + P/O” or “Right Arrow Key” and to move backward shortcut is “ctrl + shift+ P/O” or “Left Arrow Key”. Detail for these shortcuts are present under More -> Shortcuts view.

Two users with same username are not allowed to login

Two users with same username are not allowed to login i.e. if one user is logged-in with “Ephesoft” and another user come and try to login with same username( i.e. in this case “Ephesoft” ) either from same server or from any other client, then below pop-up will shown to the user.

In some cases like if user is using firefox browser and user tries to log-out by directly closing the firefox browser. Then user entry will remain in the database for next 5 minutes i.e. if another user come and tries to login with same name, then above pop-up will be shown to the user. But if user with the same username , tries to login after 5 min, then user is allowed to login.

This time is configurable. For this, a property is provided in “application.properties” with a name “allowableUserInactiveTimeForWebScanner”. With this property user can configure the inactive time. By default 5 minutes is provided. This property takes value in minutes only.