Web Scanner | Web Scanner Installer Improvement (HTTPS)

What’s New In Transact 4.5?

Web Scanner | Web Scanner Installer Improvement (HTTPS)


Previously, when the user installed the Ephesoft Web Scanner Service, he also had to manually install and map the following security certificates:

  • Ephesoft-browser-cert.crt certificate generated by the Installer;
  • Certificates for PIV/CAC authentication if the service is being installed on a secure server (HTTPS)

In Ephesoft Transact v., the Web Scanner installer has been enhanced to import and map all the required certificates at the time of service installation. Now, all certificates created during Web Scanner HTTPS installation and existing CA certificates are automatically mapped to their respective directories and folders.

For this purpose, a new step has been added to the Ephesoft Transact Scanner Service Setup Wizard, allowing you to specify the location of the CA certificate and password. Once all installation steps are executed and you click the Finish button to complete the process, the system picks up the generated certificates from the specified location and maps them against the proper files.


To install Ephesoft Web Scanner Service using the new process:

1. Sign in to Ephesoft Transact.

2. From the main menu, select Web Scanner.


The system will check whether the required version of the Ephesoft Transact Scanner Service is already installed and running on your system. If the service is not installed and running, a popup message appears with an OK and Download Service button.


3. Click Download Service to download and save the Windows Installer Package.


4. Find the EphesoftScannerService installation file and double-click it to start the installation process.

Note: If you get the Windows warning message shown below, click More info and then – Run anyway.


5. Use the Ephesoft Transact Scanner Service Setup Wizard to install the Ephesoft Web Scanner.


Step 1. Confirm the version of .NET Framework

  • If .NET framework 4.0 is not installed on your machine, the Next button remains disabled and a button entitled Download will appear on the UI. Click this button to download .NET framework 4.0. Clicking this button opens the appropriate web link where you can download and install .NET framework 4.0. Then re-run the Ephesoft installer setup.
  • If .NET framework is installed on the machine, the Next button is enabled. Simply click it to continue the installation process.


Step 2. Install CA Certificate

  • If you are installing the Ephesoft Web Scanner Service on a secure server, specify the location and password for the CA certificate. To do this, tick the checkbox, browse for the certificate and provide the password. The system will automatically pick up, import and map the required files.
  • If you are not using any CA certificates, just leave the checkbox empty.


Step 3. Specify Destination Folder for the Ephesoft Transact Scanner Service

By default, the Scanner Service is installed in the Program Files (x86) folder.


Step 4. Install the Ephesoft Transact Scanner Service

To start the installation, click Install.

To change installation settings, click Back.

To exit the wizard, click Cancel.


Step 5. Confirm installation of the Ephesoft-browser-cert.crt certificate

A pop-up message appears asking whether you want to install the Ephesoft-browser-cert.crt certificate. This certificate is generated by the Installer during service installation.


Step 6. Exit the Setup Wizard

Click Finish to complete the installation process.


The Ephesoft Transact Scanner Service is successfully installed along with all the certificates required for its operation. You can now start using the Web Scanner Service.


The Ephesoft-browser-cert.crt certificate (from a certification authority representing ephesoft.inc.ca) is stored in the certificate store under Trusted Root Certification Authorities.


The CA certificates provided by the user in step 2 of the installation process are imported to the security folder of the Scanner Service installation directory (default path – C:Program Files (x86)EphesoftScannerServicejrelibsecurity)