Progressive Barcode Engine – Version and Above

Advanced Barcode Engine

The AdvancedBarcode Engine allows the user to have more control over the classification and extraction results with the help of the Barcode Reader and Barcode Extraction Plugin. User can configure the plugins for Advanced Barcode Reader and Barcode Extraction, and remove the existing plugins. Once the Plugins are configured, user can test the classification and extraction results at the Batch Class level via Test Classification and Test Extraction buttons. In classification, you will get the document types that are classified under barcode classification category and the extraction results will show you the extracted DLFs for the configured index fields.

Following are the issues that were encountered in the earlier Barcode functionality (version and are resolved via the use of  Barcode Engine:

  • Document were not properly classified using barcode classification in case multiple barcodes are present on page.
  • Extraction was not proper if both 1D AND 2D barcodes exist on the image.
  • Barcode classification shows error message regrading Recostar while Recostar is not being used with Linux.

Walkthrough Video (10:37)


Advanced Barcode Reader Plugin Configuration

This Plugin is used for classification purpose. Following are the configuration details:

Reader Switch

User can enable/disable the switch.


Barcode Methods (Tools)

User can configure different Barcode engines with their priority. Following is the list of engines across different OS platform with default priority.

Note: Using the Recostar engine has a limitation in which the RecostarPlugin thread only allows usage of one license. The limitation of 1 thread applies when there is a license for up to 8 cores, may cause slow processing when using the Page Process module.

Windows: Zxing, Bytescout, and Recostar.

Linux: Zxing, Bytescout, and Nuance.

User can add/delete or reorder the methods as per their requirement. Add/Delete can be done by right-clicking on the list whereas you can drag and drop to rearrange the priority of the methods. Once a barcode is extracted based on configured barcode type and threshold confidence, other barcode engines with less priority are ignored.


Confidence Threshold

User can also configure the Confidence Threshold. It will filter out the Barcode Reader result having confidence of less than the specified value.


Barcode Region

User can specify the region, from where the barcode would be extracted. It would enhance the performance and accuracy as it will decrease the scan area.



Test Barcode

User can also test the configurations on a single page Tiff/Png image via Test Barcode button.


Click here to know more details about the earlier version of Barcode Reader Plugin.


Advanced Barcode Extraction

This plugin is used for Barcode Extraction. Following are the configuration details:

Use Advanced Barcode Reader

User can enable/disable the same configurations of Advanced Barcode Reader plugin. The same configurations are imported/copied in the defined preferences and can be changed if required. It helps users to leverage the same configurations which were done for barcode classification.

Modifying any of the configuration property of the plugin will change this configuration switch to OFF. During batch extraction, if this switch is ON then the algorithm won’t re-extract the barcode and the same results would be used as generated in barcode classification by Advanced Barcode Reader Classification plugin. Thus, it enhances the performance and time. If Advanced Barcode Reader is not present in the workflow, this configuration would be disabled. Barcode Classification Reader is responsible for updating the page level field and Extraction is responsible for updating values in document level field but with the help of page level field if this switch is ON.


Extraction Switch

User can enable/disable the switch.

Rest all the configurations are similar as detailed in the Advanced Barcode Reader.


Test Barcode

User can also test the configurations on an input Tiff/Png image via Test Barcode button.

It will list the Barcodes present in the image in the preference defined. If in case the first method is able to extract all the barcodes then the rest of the methods will be omitted.


F:EnterpriseProduct documentation 4060imagesbarcode3.png

Click here to know more details about the earlier version of Barcode Extraction Plugin.


Advance Barcode Mapping at Index Field level

This feature allows the user to configure the barcode mapping at index field level if multiple barcode of same type exist in a document. For example, if there exist two Barcodes of Type – Code39 in a document, user can create two index fields and can specify the zone (by drawing overlay) for each barcode. For this, a new node “Barcode Extraction Rule” is added in the Batch Class Management tree under Index Field.

  1. Under the Document Type, go to the Index Fields and select the first Index Field.
  2. Under the Index Field, select the option – Barcode Extraction Rule.
  3. Draw overlay on the image to specify the zone for the selected index field.
  4. Click on Apply Barcode.
  5. Similarly, you can map the zone for the other Barcode in the second field.

F:EnterpriseProduct documentation 4060imagesbarcode4.png