KV Page Process Plugin


‘Key-value pair’ based extraction plug-in will be responsible for extracting page level field/fields values based on relative location of ‘value’ against a specified key.


For configuring KV page process, please follow the following steps:

  1. Add KV page process plugin in Page Process module as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

  1. Click on Apply button and Expand KV Page Process plugin node. Click on Configure node as shown in Figure 2.

Configurable Properties

Following are the configurable properties available for the Configure KV Page Process plugin:

Configurable property Type of value Value options Description
Key Regular Expression
  • Regex Pattern
Key pattern
Location List of values
  • TOP
  • LEFT
Location with respect to key
Value Regular Expression
  • Regex Pattern
Value pattern
No of Words Integer
  • Integer Value
No of words to be extracted after the value
Field Name String
  • String Value
Name in page level field tag

Admin is provided with ‘Add’ button to define the KV page process.

As soon as user will click on Add button, a new row is added in grid. Enter the corresponding values. Key and Value if of type regular expression so user needs to validate regex by clicking on “Validate Regex”. For saving the batch class click on Apply button.


Question: Data not extracted or incorrect data extracted for the page level field for which existing field is being used as key.

Answer: Check for value extracted for the field which is used as a key for this field. If incorrect value is extracted, correct the key value pair defined for that field.