Document Type Change in Validation

To prevent the document types (Batch header, Payment and Remittance) from being changed in validation, two new properties “Can be Changed” & “Can be Assigned” have been introduced for the Document Type created under a Batch Class. By default, both the properties are set to True for the newly added or imported documents.

Can be changed: Default value is set to True:

This property controls whether a document classified as one Document Type can be changed to another Document Type on the Validation screen.

If the property is set to True (the default setting), the user can change the Document Type to any other Document Type. If the property is set to False, the Document Type cannot be changed (the Document Type drop-down at Validation will not be clickable).

Can be Assigned: Default value is set to True:

This property controls whether a given document will be shown in the Document Type drop-down on the RV Screen as an option which can be assigned to Document Types of other types.

If this property is set to False, the given document will not display under the Document Types drop-down on the RV screen for selection for all other Document Types.


Let’s consider the following configurations as an example:

Property US Invoice AUS Invoice NZ Invoice
Can be Assigned True False True
Can be Changed False True True

Validation Screen

i. AUS & NZ Invoice can be changed into US Invoice Document type

ii. US Invoice cannot be changed into any other Document Type

i.AUS Invoice Type will not display under Document Type drop-down for NZ or US Invoice.

ii. AUS Invoice (because it is changeable) can be changed to US Invoice and NZ Invoice or any other assignable Document Type

i. NZ Invoice will display as a Document Type under AUS invoice and under US Invoice if the Can be changed property is set to True for US Invoice

ii.NZ Invoice can be changed into US Invoice but not into AUS type as Can be Assigned property for AUS Invoice is set to False.


Steps to Run the Function:

1. From the DCMA Home page, click ADMINISTRATOR and select BATCH CLASS MANAGEMENT. The Ephesoft Enterprise Login page displays.

2. Enter valid credentials to log in. The Batch Class Management screen displays.

3. Add a new Batch Class with different Document Types having “Can be Changed” and “Can be Assigned” properties set as given in the screen print below:

4. Once Document Types are created under the Batch Class with different properties, learn the Document Types and add the index fields to be extracted from the given Document Types.

5. Run the Batch from Upload Batch or from any other ingestion point with the given Document Types.

6. Go to the Validation screen.

US Invoice: As configured, US Invoice cannot be changed into another Document Type

AUS Invoice: As configured, AUS Invoice can be changed into another document type

AUS Invoice is not an option under the Document Type drop-down as “Can be Assigned” value is False.

NZ Invoice: As configured, NZ invoice Can be Changed and Can be Assigned to other Document Types.