If the extraction areas match up to your original setup image – yes, you can use the same RSP file. If not, you may need to utilize several rsp files and use KV_PAGE_PROCESS and PAGE_PROCESS_SCRIPTING_PLUGIN to identify a unique identifier for the documents and to apply the correct RSP file for extraction. Or, create different doc types for the forms and use separate RSP files.

Here’s a simple way to determine if you can recycle an rsp form for similar forms.

Use an image editing program and overlay the prospect image on top of the setup image. Use the transform layer feature to stretch proposed anchor points on top of one another as best as you can from a horizontal and vertical perspective only. Look at the delta between the two images and see if you could possibly draw boxes around extraction areas without causing crossover with other extraction areas. If you can’t, it will be better to use a separate rsp.

In the following example, we have 2 different revisions of the same form. We matched up 3 anchor points(1, 2, 8) by stretching or shrinking the overlayed image to the setup image. The final result can be seen below. There isn’t sufficient space where data extraction areas wouldn’t crossover, especially for the checkboxes. In this example, we may be able to extract some fields with accuracy using the same rsp file, but not all.

Ps transform.jpg