Folder Import/Page Processing Issues: Multipage tiffs are being pulled into the ephesoft-system-folder.



If multi-page tiffs are being pulled into the ephesoft-system-folder to be processed, you will begin to see errors during the page process module.



Ephesoft should never have multi-page tiff files by the time they come to ephesoft-system-folder\BI?? folder. Every plugin is designed to handle single page tiffs like OCR or creating display PNG files, etc. So, in this case, multi-page to single page plugin in Import Module should be off or not functioning.

The only reason Multi-Page to single page plugin should be off is that we are 100% sure the images we receive in UNC folder are single page images. If his setting is set to YES and he is still getting multi-page tiff files, then there is a problem with his import plugin settings.