General Startup and License Issues

Applies to: All versions of Ephesoft Transact


General Ephesoft Startup and Licensing Issues


Try the following. You can always restrict permissions after you have verified a successful startup.

With Ephesoft SHUTDOWN:

STEP 1: For [Ephesoft] and [SharedFolder](if not in Ephesoft folder): For folders in file explorer, Set Owner to Everyone and apply to all child objects. Add Role of Everyone with Full Control and apply to all child objects.

STEP 2: In regedit, [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\JavaSoft] Go to each role and set to Full Control

STEP 3: From an Administrative Command Prompt

C:\Ephesoft\JavaAppServer\cscript.exe SetEnv.vbs

STEP 4: Start Ephesoft.

Applies to: Ephesoft Transact 4.x


This issue only affects users with an underscore in the server name.

If you start Ephesoft and receive a license error when attempting to log on and have a log entry similar to that of below, this issue will be the most likely culprit. 

Log Entry: Caused by: invalid authority: rmi://Ephesoft_Server:21099/ephesoft-license


  1. Stop Ephesoft
  2. You will need to rename the server as underscores are not supported by Ephesoft or fully qualified domain names.
  3. change the server name in <Ephesoft install directory>\Application\WEB-INF\classes\MET-INF\dcma-batch\
  4. Start Ephesoft

If you still experience this issue and see the same error in the log with the underscore in the server name, please follow these instructions also:

  1. Stop Ephesoft
  2. Open the ephesoft database in your database client such as HiediSQL or MSSQL Management studio
  3. Open the table server_registry
  4. Write down the value from the id column for the row with the server name in the ip_address of the server name without the underscore
  5. Open the table service_status
  6. Verify that the server_registry_id matches the number you wrote down in step 4 for the row with the value of LICENSE_SERVICE in the service type column
  7. Start Ephesoft