If any of the batch is placed in the UNC sub folder then folder monitor {using jnotify} will create a batch instance in the batch_instance database table.

JNotify is a java library that allow java application to listen to file system events, such as:

  • File created
  • File modified
  • File renamed
  • File deleted


  • easy to use
  • quick response from filesystem about changes in e.g. watchfolder
  • no static pickup time is necessary (cron)

  • could cause issues with auto-pickup (KB0012454)
  • limitation between jNotify and CIFS (KB0012477)


Folder monitor will watch only for newly created batches. So growing batches will not have any issue.

For batches that are growing in size a new batch instance will not be created.

Instead a wait time variable will be defined in the property file of folder-minotor.properties file defined:

foldermonitor.wait_time=5000 (in milliseconds).

Folder monitor will wait for the above defined time before creating the batch instance in the batch instance databse table.

The time can be configured with 5*60*100 ms to avoid delays.


Things to consider

User must restart the server after changing the configurations if the user wants to add a bigger size batch after a smaller one or vica versa

The folder monitor service is shared/common between ALL the batch classes.

Increasing the wait time for one batch wll start waiting for the same number on milliseconds for all other batches of other workflows.

There is a chance of occurrence where one batches copy time might be more than the configured time and the pickup service is also available to start the workflow at the same time.