How To: Change checkbox field to text

Applicable Ephesoft versions: 4.1 onwards

When you extract a field of checkboxes, you end up with a result of OOOXO or similar. Using this method, you can change that to anything you want without the need for a script.

More Info:

In 4.1, we introduced Format Conversion (more info). Using the replace function here, we can figure out what RecoStar will provide us and what we want to change it to.

For example, if I have a document with 5 checkboxes, numbered 1 to 5, the possible results that RecoStar would give if only 1 box was checked are as follows:


[table_wrap][table_columns][table_column] Result[/table_column] [table_column] Checkbox ID[/table_column] [/table_columns][table_content][table_row][table_cell] XOOOO[/table_cell] [table_cell] 1[/table_cell] [/table_row][table_row][table_cell] OXOOO[/table_cell] [table_cell] 2[/table_cell] [/table_row][table_row][table_cell] OOXOO[/table_cell] [table_cell] 3[/table_cell] [/table_row][table_row][table_cell] OOOXO[/table_cell] [table_cell] 4[/table_cell] [/table_row][table_row][table_cell] OOOOX[/table_cell] [table_cell] 5[/table_cell] [/table_row][/table_content][/table_wrap]

We can then open Ephesoft, go into the Index field, down to Format conversion and use the following settings:



You will also have to go into the Modules and add the Format Conversion plugin to Automated Validation.


When we get to Validation, rather than having OOOXO we would have a 4 in the field.

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