To completely remove MySQL server you will need to complete several steps. Note: this process is for Windows machines only.

  1. Use the the Windows uninstaller to remove MySQL Server
    Start >> Control Panel >> Add/Remove Programs – Select the MySQL server and then press the uninstall button.
  2. Delete MySQL folders
    Note: If it says the folder can’t be deleted because a program has it open open up the Windows services manager(usually under Administration Tools) and find MySQL in the list, right click the entry and select stop. Then go into the CLI(command prompt) and type “sc delete MySQL”. Alternatively open up the registry editor(type “regedit” from within command prompt) and go toHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CURRENTCONTROLSET/SERVICES, find the MySQL entry, right click and click delete.
    1. C:\Program Files\MySQL
    2. C:\Program Files(x86)\MySQL
      Note: If running 32-bit Windows you will only have the Program Files\MySQL folder, no (x86) folder.
    3. C:\ProgramData\MySQL
      Note: ProgramData is usually hidden so you will need to unhide it first using the folder options.
  3. Delete any MySQL folders in (any) users’ AppData directory
    1. C:\Users\your_username\AppData\Roaming\MySQL
      Note: AppData is also a hidden folder.
      Note: On WinXP the AppData folder is called Application Data C:\Documents and Settings\All Users(or your_username)\Application Data\MySQL.
  4. Launch regedit from the command prompt and search for “mysql”, delete any references.
    Edit >> Find and type in “mysql”.