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Topic/Category: Alfresco, Troubleshooting

Issue: To aid in Alfresco troubleshooting we will often require the Alfresco content model files along with your exported batch class. This article will show you what and where these files are stored on the Alfresco server.



There are three configuration files used in Ephesoft to map parameters:

  • web-client-config-custom.xml: Alfresco automatically looks for this file on the class path in the alfresco.extension package for configuration.
  • ephesoft-model-context.xml: To tell the location of the custom configuration file (Any file ending with “-context.xml” is used to tell the location of the custom configuration file).
  • ephesoftModel.xml: The custom configurations file for stating the parameters that will be mapped onto.


Collect the Alfresco configuration files from:

<Alfresco installation path>\tomcat\shared\classes\alfresco\extension


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