Question: Support has requested a copy of my application folder without the native folder. What is the best way to gather this information for Ephesoft support?


Answer: In windows, the collection of the application folder without the native folder is quite easy.

1. Navigate in the file explorer(my computer) to the Ephesoft\Application directory.

2. Press CTRL-A to select all.

3. Hold down the CTRL button while all of the files are still selected and click on the Native folder.

4. Let go of the CTRL button. This will have the effect of selecting every file and subfolder of the application directory with the exception of the Native folder.

5. Right click on any of the selected subfolders/files in the application folder.

6. In the menu that pops up, move your mouse over the ‘Send To’ item

7. Click on the ‘Compressed (zipped) Folder’ option

Screenshot from 2015-02-03 11:06:29

8. A window will pop up asking for the name of the file. When naming this file, please name it with the ticket number for the ticket in which Ephesoft Support asked for your application folder. will be the correct name for Ephesoft support ticket EPHE-7777.

9. Upload your application zip file to the Ephesoft FTP in a folder with the name of your ephesoft ticket. Such as EPHE-7777. (The naming of the files with the Ephesoft ticket number is VERY important so please make sure that you follow this step.)