Topic : How to collect specific ephesoft directories

Applicable Ephesoft versions: All Windows Versions

Support has requested that you supply a specific directory from your windows or Ephesoft installation.


For this example we will assume that Ephesoft support has requested the <ephesoft install directory>\Application\native\RecostarPlugin directory

  1. Navigate to the parent directory of the directory which support has requested that you send them.
    1. In this example, this would be the <ephesoft install directory>\Application\native\ directory
  2. Right click on the directory which you would like to send to support
  3. In the drop down menu, mouse over Send To and Click on Compressed (zipped) folder
  4. A new file will be created in the parent directory of the name of the requested directory with a .zip extension
    1. In the case that a window pops up saying that the file cannot be created in this directory and must be placed on the desktop, select yes and the new zip file will be created on the desktop of the current windows user.
  5. You can upload this file to the FTP site in the email where Ephesoft support requested the folder.



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