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You can set up Ephesoft to use the Apache2.2 server as a “front-end” layer, basically connecting through port 80 not 8080.


  1. Stop Ephesoft application or service
    If ephesoft is NOT installed as a service:

    1. Open up a command line(run as administrator) and navigate to Ephesoft >> JavaAppServer folder
    2. Run “install-(32/64)bit-service”, if it worked you should see it now in the services list
  2. Open command line(run as admin) and navigate to Ephesoft >> Apache2.2 folder
    Run “installandstart”, you should now see “Ephesoft Web Service” in the Services list

    Start the service
  3. Edit Ephesoft >> Application >> WEB-INF >> classes >> META-INF >> dcma-batch >>
    Look for the line batch.base_http_url=

    If it says localhost, change that to the IP address of the machine.
    Remove the port number part “\:8080”, save the file.
  4. Start up the Ephesoft Enterprise service(not to be confused with the openLDAP service).

Test It

Open up the web browser and navigate to YOUR_IP_ADDRESS/dcma/BatchClassManagement.html, if it loads then you’re all set!

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