Especially in the construction industry sometimes it is necessary to capture large format image (30″ X 42″). These images are often construction drawings. Most of the time the meta data that we are after is located in the lower right hand side of the image. Although Ephesoft can support some large format drawings its best to crop the image down to a smaller size for processing/throughput reasons.

Download this Batch class and Sample file to test the configuration Download Now

The easiest way to crop down an image within Ephesoft is to configure the File Import setting. In the IMPORT_MULTIPAGE_FILES plugin You will find the areas where you can use image magic to adjust the image.

See the plug in settings in the screenshot below.


In this case -gravity SouthEast -crop 2000×2000+0+0 +repage -compress group4

Ephesoft will crop the image down to 2,000 Pixels by 2,000 Pixels in the lower right hand corner.