The instructions on how to use the dynamic logging feature are provided below for:


Ephesoft Transact earlier versions than 4.5


1)      Open JConsole utility available in Jdk bin folder.

2)      Select Remote Process radio box and enter <ServerIP>:8900 in text box below to that.

3)      A new window displays on successful connection to Ephesoft JMX port.

4)      Select the MBeans tab. Expand the Ephesoft tree node.

5)      On above shown screen, under Attributes node, we can find all the loggers available in Ephesoft Transact.

6)      Under Operations, we have two methods exposed which will help to get current logging level and set logging level for a logger. Please refer to below screenshots.

7)      To get current Log level for a logger, Enter logger name in text box and click on getLogLevel button next to it. A pop will appear with log level information.

8)      To set Log level for a logger, provide logger name as p0 value and log level as p1 value and click then on setLogLevel. A pop will appear with message “Method invoked successfully”.



Ephesoft Transact v.4.5 and later


1) Open JConsole utility available in the jdk bin folder (<Ephesoft Installation Directory>\Dependencies\jdk\bin).

2) Select Remote Process radio box, enter <ServerIP>:8900 in the text box, and click Connect.

3) A new window as shown below, will appear on successful connection to Ephesoft JMX port.

4) On the MBeans tab, select org.apache.logging.log4j2 and expand dcma tree node. All loggers of Ephesoft Transact are available under the Loggers node.

5) To get the current log level for a logger, expand the corresponding logger node, and select Attributes. In the Level field, the current logging level is displayed.

6) To set the log level for a logger, change the level value as required (the Value field is editable), and click Enter.

Alternatively, you can expand the Attributes node and set the logging level from the Level section.