To create/copy a new Batch Class log in to the admin module using the default user name and password. To access admin module go to

Start >> Click on All Programs >> Choose Ephesoft >> Click on Ephesoft Admin Module.

Once logged in, the batch class management window containing three batch classes BC1, BC2 and BC3 with basic set-ups to get you started


To copy the batch class click on the Copy button on the top right of the window. It will pop up a window asking to set the NameDescriptionPriority and Folder.


  • The Name field needs to be unique within Ephesoft.
  • The Description field can be set according to your use, for example “My-Insurance”.
  • Priority can be set to any number between 1 to 100.
  • In the UNC Folder field we will have to give the path of the folder need to be monitored for example in this case we gave the following path
    • \\EPHESOFT-PC\SharedFolders\insurance-monitored-folder.
      • This will create a new folder in the SharedFolder named insurance-monitored-folder, the ephesoft will monitor this folder and process the batches inside the folder.


This will copy all the document types and index field saved in the BC1. To add more documents and index fields select the batch class and click on Edit. To learn more about how to create or edit document types and index fields go to Tutorial(Creating Document Types).

Copy Batch Class Modification for 3.0

  • Uniqueness constraint
    • No two batch classes can have the same names. When user copies a batch class, then he/she must enter a unique name for the copied batch class. This is mandatory as JBPM can only keep a single definition per batch class name.
  • New workflow for the copied batch class
    • A new workflow is deployed for this copied batch class. For this, the copied batch would have new jpdl files for modules and workflow

These jpdl files are located at: