How to Migrate the Existing Transact Database to Another Server

Here are the steps you will need to take to successfully migrate your current MYSQL, MSSQL or Oracle database to a new server for Transact Version 4.x. All current data archived in the existing databases will be moved.


1. Stop the Transact Service

2. Make a backup of your entire Ephesoft folder directory and your current set of Ephesoft databases

3. Export the whole databases from the DBserver: ephesoft, report, report_archive with a tool by choice (maybe ask the db-admin to do this)

4. Import the exported databases into the new DBserver with a tool by choice (maybe ask the db-admin to do this)

5. Check the database user and his rights as dbo – should be identical after Export/Import

6. Modify the server.xml file found in \Ephesoft\JavaAppServer\conf to use the updated connection details. Look for the portion under the tag <GlobalNamingResources> and edit the ServeradressdataSource.userdataSource.password in each tag. You will need to confirm the Database names for the new Ephesoft, Report and Report_Archive databases match what you imported in step 4 above.

7. Edit the file found in \Ephesoft\Application\WEB-INF\classes\META-INF\dcma-data-access and update the following entries if they were changed:


8. Save all the changes

9. Stop the old database server or set the old databases offline.

10. Start the Transact service and make sure the new database is beeing used (take a look into the logfile: JavaAppServer/logs/*stout*)



  • The new database is used but I get a license error message.
    • Install the license file one more time and restart the service.