How To Process Large Batches

Applies to: Ephesoft Transact 4.5.x.x and above (previous versions may require slightly different settings)

Larger Batch Instances may require some additional configuration changes to process without timeouts.


  1. Change process capacity
    • Larger batches should process fewer batches at the same time to avoid resources getting used up.
      • In the, you can change the¬†server.instance.max.process.capacity.
  2. Increase timeout times
    • Larger batches may take longer than the default Transact timeout time, causing Transact to restart batches prematurely
      • In the, you can adjust the wait times to stop these timeouts occurring.
# Wait time for GhostScript command in minutes
# Wait time for ImageMagik command in minutes
# Wait time for Recostar command in minutes
# Wait time for Tesseract command in minutes
# Wait time for LibTiff command in minutes
      • In the, you can adjust the¬†activity.restart.time
  1. Alter the Advanced Barcode plugins
    • The Advanced Barcode plugins can take a longer time than other plugins.
      • In both the Reader and Extraction plugins, find the Barcode Methods, and turn off as many as you’re not using.