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Topic #9016 : How to Recover MariaDB

Applicable Ephesoft versions: 4020 and up





1. Open the my.ini file in the dependencies\mariadb folder

4030 RC1 Windows-2015-06-03-07-40-07

2. Add this option right below the port value:
(This change should be made under the [mysqld] section of the my.ini file, and not the [client] section of the my.ini file.)

4030 RC1 Windows-2015-06-03-07-41-39

3. Save the my.ini file

4. start the maria DB service.

5. Once mariaDB service has started check the DB with a db client(included in with ephesoft is hedi/sql)
and ensure that you are able to login.

6. Once you confirm the ability to connect to the db open up the my.ini file and remove the added line.

7. Now start up the ephesoft service