Make copies of the Application and JavaAppServer folders inside the Ephesoft folder, rename them by adding “2I” to the end of their names.

Edit the following files:

  1. Ephesoft >> Application2I >> WEB-INF >> web.xml
    Change the port to 8090
  2. Ephesoft >> Application2I >> applicationContext.xml
    (for v3.0.2.0 and lower) Comment out the line <import resource=”classpath:/META-INF/applicationContext-folder-monitor.xml” />
    Comment out the line <import resource=”classpath:/META-INF/applicationContext-license-server.xml” />
  3. Ephesoft >> Application2I >> WEB-INF >> classes >> META-INF >> dcma-batch >>
    Change the batch.base_http_url values’ port to 8090
  4. Ephesoft >> JavaAppServer2I >> conf >> server.xml
    Change server port from 8005 to 8006
    Change any references to port 8080 to 8090
    Change connector port 8009 to 8019
  5. Ephesoft >> JavaAppServer2I >> bin >> startup.bat
    Above the line set DCMA_HOME=C:\Ephesoft/Application add in set CATALINA_HOME=C:\Ephesoft\JavaAppServer2I
    Find any references to the Application or JavaAppServer folder and add 2I to end of string.
    Repeat above step in the startup.bat file in the non-2I JavaAppServer >> bin folder (minus changing folder references to Application or JavaAppServer
  6. Ephesoft >> JavaAppServer2I >> conf >> Catalina >> dcma.xml
    Change docBase value to point to Application2I folder

In systems environment variables, remove CATALINA_HOME variable.