• Objective: When user needs to extract document level fields which do not fit into a textbox, then user can make that field multiline.
  • By making a field multiline, user can type or extract data for multiple lines.
  • In the validation screen the multiline document level fields are displayed as textarea.
  • This feature is useful for the those document level fields which are having value more than a single line e.g. address

Creating a document level field multiline: User can make a field as multiline by selecting the checkbox ‘Multiline’ which is displayed on editing a document level field. See the screenshot below:


  • Regular expression validation for multiline fields: There is no regular expression validation for the multiline fields. But, making the multiline field mandatory, adds the empty validator (indicating this field cannot be left blank) for that field. Also user can specify regex for multiline field as we have for any other field.