Applies to Ephesoft v3.0.2.0

Reports of heavy memory usage by ephesoft, due to ImageMagick (Convert.exe).
The issue is mostly seen with Larger Files or Multipage Files.
This occurs with ImageMagick 16Q (64Bit)


We replaced imagemagick and the memory usage was below 50%
We are recommending for customers to use the latest version of ImageMagick 8Q (32Bit) Static.
Here is the link to the imagemagick installer.
Installation Instructions:

  1. Delete the old ImageMagick Folder in the [Ephesoft Installation Folder]\Dependencies folder.
  2. Install the software in the [Ephesoft Installation Folder]\Dependencies folder.
  3. Then rename the Installation folder “ImageMagick”.
  4. Then restart ephesoft and re-run the batch.
  5. Please set the -limit area 100MB parameter in the folder import plugin under the Imagemagick convert output settings