Are there any extra steps necessary when installing Ephesoft on a RHEL 6.5 instance on which a GUI/Desktop Environment is not installed? Some Web based server hosting include versions of RHEL which do not have a GUI installed. Examples of this would be Amazon Web Services(AWS) or Google Cloud platform. Some sysadmins also prefer not to install a gui on their RHEL servers.


Yes there is one extra step outside of the instructions included with your Ephesoft for linux installer. Before attempting the Ephesoft install, it would be necessary to install the gnome-vfs2 package. This is necessary for the LibreOffice application to install properly when Ephesoft is installed on the headless RHEL server.

This can be done by executing the following command in the SSH session or from a terminal prompt:

[blockquote float=”left”]sudo yum install gnome-vfs2.x86_64[/blockquote]




While this should resolve the issue, there may be instances where the GConf2 package must be installed also. If your install fails while the installer is installing LibreOffice. Try also installing GConf2 with the command below and run the Ephesoft installer again. The Ephesoft installer will pick up where it left off.


[blockquote float=”left”]sudo yum install GConf2[/blockquote]