If you experience any of the following issues you may have a file permissions problem:

  • Missing files
  • Missing directories
  • Failed Batch Class Copying


The quickest way to test if this is the root cause for any of your issues is to remove file permissions altogether for troubleshooting purposes and try to replicate the original issue you may have had. When you have confirmed that it is a file permissions issue, you can slowly re-secure your file permissions up to the point that is acceptable to your organizations security and works with Ephesoft.

Ephesoft Directories to Investigate:

  • [Ephesoft path] (ie C:\ephesoft) – check local permissions
  • [Sharedfolder path] (ie \\networkshare\Sharedfolders) – check local and share permissions


You will need to check either “local” permissions and/or “share” permissions

To remove “local” permissions security:

Go into the Windows Advanced File Security Properties and set:

  • Owner: Everyone
  • Access: Full Control
  • Replace to all children objects



Confirm Everyone:Full Control



To remove “share” permissions security: