KB: Failed to Load Keystore Type [JKS] with Path Error

Applies to: All versions of Transact 2020.1 onward


Users may experience issues connecting to the Ephesoft Transact UI when using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). The following error may appear in the dcma-all.log:

Failed to load keystore type [JKS] with path [D:\Ephesoft\Certs

mydevssl.jks] due to [Illegal character in opaque part at index 2: D:\Ephesoft\Certs


Root Cause

This issue was caused by an extra slash between Certs and the .jks file in the server.xml file (\Certsmydevssl.jks).


To resolve this issue, update the path of keystoreFile in the server.xml to D:\Ephesoft\Certs\mydevssl.jks.