KB00007089: Pre-request Information is Required in the Postman Application for the Ephesoft UploadBatch Web API


Pre-request information is required in the Postman application for the Ephesoft UploadBatch web API.


  1. Open the Postman application.
  2. In the POST field, enter a URL in the following format: http://<serverName/IP address>:<port>/dcma/rest/uploadBatch/<batchClassIdentifier>/<batchInstanceName>
    Figure 1 below uses the following URL as an example:

Figure 1: POST Field Entry

  1. Select Basic Auth from the TYPE drop-down list.
  2. Enter the following credentials:
    • Username: ephesoft
    • Password: demo

Figure 2: Authorization Options

  1. Leave the fields in the Headers tab blank.

Figure 3: Headers Tab

  1. In the Body tab, create the following two keys:
    a. Key 1 – File option: Ensure that you mapped where the TIF file is located:

Figure 4: Key 1

b. Key 2 – Test option: Ensure that you enter the correct DropFolder path according to your batch class Drop Folder path that has been defined in the Batch Class Management.

Figure 5: Key 2

Figure 6: Keys 1 and 2

  1. Leave the fields in the Pre-request Script tab blank.

Figure 7: Pre-request Script Tab

  1. Leave field in the Tests tab blank.

Figure 8: Tests Tab

  1. Click Send.

Figure 9: Click Send

  1. Verify that the Batch Instance is created successfully.

Figure 10: Batch Instance