Batch Class Performance


FileNotFoundExceptions and other missing file error in a multiserver environment.
The following have been noted to have this issue:

– Batch.xml
– *displayImage.png.xml
– *HOCR.xml

Root Cause:

Preliminary analysis found that the file not found exception is due to network connectivity fluctuation as customers shared folders are on network drive and there are possibility due to network congestion and some other reasons connectivity was lost temporarily. The various occurrences show that it happens due to loss of network connectivity or IO error while Ephesoft was trying to access a file or was accessing a file, although this is not always the case and can vary from environment to environment.


Temporary Workaround:

Since the Batch Instances in ERROR can simply be Restarted, we recommend that the customer either manually restart the batches in ERROR. If webservices are enabled on your system, then you may use the RestartBatchInstance API along with the Applicaiton Level Scripting Feature included in Ephesoft v or higher.

Permanent Solution:

We will be developing a Retry mechanism to address these type of ERRORed batch Instances. The Batches will be restarted automatically in the event of an ERROR caused for whatever reason. The Retry mechanism will have a limited number tries before it will allow the legitimate ERRORed batch to Remain in the ERROR state, where the Ephesoft Administrator can then address the issue.

This Solution will be scheduled for Ephesoft Release v4.1.0.0


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