Batch instances are going to ERROR due to invalid characters in the HOCR.xml files This occurs during the Recostar Process and causes the batch to fail completely.

Sample ERROR:

[Fatal Error] :1022:7: Character reference “&#x1C” is an invalid XML character.
2015-02-19 19:40:48,628 [INFO] [pool-1-thread-2] [com.ephesoft.dcma.core.dao.xml.XmlDao] – Exiting get method.
2015-02-19 19:40:48,628 [ERROR] [pool-1-thread-2] [com.ephesoft.dcma.recostar.service.RecostarServiceImpl] – Uncaught Exception in readOCR method Character reference “&#x1C” is an invalid XML character.

Root Cause:

The reported error is because of hex code 001C (“&#x1C”). This value doesn’t have any character representation and also considered as invalid value for xml, that’s why when Ephesoft tries to parse the content of HOCR xml file, it encountered an parsing exception because xml was not able to recognize the hex value. Recostar found that value in the barcode  and wrote it to the HOCR.xml file.

The following link will provide an extensive list of all invalid characters not supported by our UTF-8 Compliant XMLs:


Since this issue is very rare, the way to address this is to identify the faulting barcode and try to configure Recostar so it can be ignored or configure a specific zone using the setup image where your valid barcode can be read. This will minimize the likely hood of another similar type of barcode getting read and creating this issue in your batch class.






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