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Duplicate PDF files get exported on CMIS server.

Applicable Ephesoft Versions:

v3.1.2.6 – 8


Root Cause:

Due to incorrect filter Ephesoft was uploading PDF files on CMIS server twice.



We have corrected filter which is responsible for selecting files present in Batch instance folder to upload on CMIS server.


Shared solution is with respect to Ephesoft v 3128. The permanent solution will be made available in Ephesoft v3.1.2.9 Patch Installer. More Info


Steps to Deploy Solution


Following are the steps to deploy the attached solution:

1.      Download the following file. – Download Link

2.      Extract the content of Extracted content has files named dcma-cmis-0.0.15-HOTFIX_3128_10_Feb_2015.jar.

3.      Stop Ephesoft server.

4.      Take backup and delete files {Ephesoft-install-dir}/WEB-INF/classes/lib/dcma-cmis-0.0.15-*.jar  if present in lib.

5.      Copy extracted dcma-cmis-0.0.15-HOTFIX_3128_10_Feb_2015.jar to {Ephesoft-install-dir}/WEB-INF/classes/lib directory.

6.      Start Ephesoft server.

7.      Execute batches in batch class and share the result of CMIS export.

NOTE – We have changed filename pattern for documents which have to be uploaded on CMIS server. Updated pattern is BI*_DOC*.*

Please notify all the clients who are exporting documents having extension other than .pdf and .tif to CMIS server such that they can update correct filename pattern in custom code.

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