Recostar, Barcode Classification


QR Codes not being read by Recostar due to low quality images. This is impacting classification or extraction using barcodes.

Root Cause:

Low quality images can reduce the chances of your Classification  working properly, especially the Search Classification. Low quality images also produce bad OCR results which will also impact extraction.


The best way to prevent this is by controlling the creation of the source images when being scanned.
Using higher quality settings like darker contrast and High DPI (e.g. 300 DPI) will greatly improve your OCR and Barcode recognition.

Another option is to manipulate the image clean up in the FPR_Barcode.rsp file Located in the SharedFolders\BC#\recostar-extraction or SharedFolders\BC#\fixed-form-extraction directories, depending on the version of Ephesoft you are running at the time.

The GrowErode Operator can assist you with increasing the number of pixels in an image, making it darker then it originally is.
See the Example below:





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