KB Article #: KB00007967

Topic: Workflows, Batch Class Performance, Classification


HOCR file is not created during batch processing, so the Search Classification fails. This issue is caused by a corrupted XML file located in the SharedFolders\Workflows\BC# directory. Redeploying the fields does not resolve the issue, so the file may not be overwritten and remains corrupted.


When a plugin executes, you can view the corresponding files located in the SharedFolders\epheosft-system-folder\BI#.

If a *batch.xml.bak.zip file is created and there are no files, then the batch class may be corrupted.

To correct a corrupted batch class, follow either options below:

  • Export your batch class and re-import to the same batch class. Ensure the Overwrite Existing checkbox in the import options is selected.
  • Import the Batch Class as a new import and delete the corrupted Batch Class completely.

You can view the new or updated batch class.